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Prolaryn Helps close the gap

A hypothetical patient profile:
Robert M.

Age: 55

Diagnosed with ischemic stroke: November 2014

Patient had an acute onset of vertigo, imbalance, and numbness of the right half of the face, with dysphonia and dysphagia; the dysphagia involves both solids and liquids and is associated with gagging, coughing and choking episodes

The examination was consistent with Wallenberg's syndrome (lateral medullary syndrome); imaging confirmed a medullary infarct in the territory of the right posterior-inferior cerebellar artery

Referred to ENT for examination

Laryngoscopy confirms:

  • Vocal cord paresis
  • Persistent glottal gap

Robert M. is a candidate for vocal fold augmentation with PROLARYN GEL to evaluate augmentation before making a decision to undergo long-term augmentation with PROLARYN PLUS

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