PROLARYN PLUS right for you?


  • PROLARYN GEL and PROLARYN PLUS are injectable implants that can help “pump up” (or augment) your weakened vocal folds—much like you can inflate a flat tire—and allow them to work more effectively.
  • Both PROLARYN GEL and PROLARYN PLUS have more than a 15-year history of treatment.

What is the difference between PROLARYN GEL and PROLARYN PLUS?

  • PROLARYN GEL is an injectable, water-based implant that resorbs (dissolves) within 3 to 6 months. Your doctor may choose PROLARYN GEL if he or she feels your condition could improve after treatment, or before treating you with longer-acting PROLARYN PLUS.
  • PROLARYN PLUS is an injectable implant that contains a biocompatible mineral (calcium hydroxylapatite) in addition to the water-based gel that has shown improvements in voice that can last up to 1 year.
PROLARYN® brochure.

LEARN MORE! This brochure will give you helpful information about vocal fold insufficiency and vocal fold augmentation with PROLARYN GEL or PROLARYN PLUS.

PROLARYN® brochure.