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Help close the gap.

Prolaryn Helps close the gap

PROLARYN GEL helps you close the gap.1

Improve glottal function with PROLARYN GEL injectable implant in patients with vocal fold insufficiency.1

  • 7-year history of experience2
  • Resorbs within a period of 3 to 6 months1
  • Can be injected in-office or in the operating room


PROLARYN GEL is an injectable aqueous/glycerin/carboxymethylcellulose gel implant.1 PROLARYN GEL injection augments the size of the displaced or deformed vocal fold so that it may meet the opposing fold in the midline for improved phonation.1 PROLARYN GEL is suitable for vocal fold augmentation in patients for whom only short-term augmentation may be required, or in patients for whom you choose to evaluate augmentation before making a decision to undergo long-term augmentation with PROLARYN PLUS.

PROLARYN GEL helps you close the gap.

Which patients are candidates for PROLARYN GEL?

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